Sunday, 16 July 2017

Using Forms to Create Self Marking Worksheets

An idea I have been playing around with is using Forms for worksheets, flipped learning or reinforcement activities. This is one I have created that I will trial with my students in the first week on homophones. You can make Forms into quizzes so as soon as the students have completed it they can get instant feedback and see what they got right and wrong. You can also embed YouTube Videos, pictures and links. My goal (if it works with the students) would be to create a whole folder of these on different things. I will also get my higher groups to create Forms for other students. This could range from punctuation, spelling rules - the list is endless. 

You can use Flubaroo to mark Forms so I will be trialing this over the next few weeks also to see what works best with my class. I will follow up on that in the next few weeks. 

** Create a copy here** There, their and they're Form

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