Thursday, 29 June 2017

Writing Fun

Writing Fun is a great interactive website that any year group teacher can use. It has a wide variety of text types, different planners, examples for each text type (showing different levels of writing) and more! It is something I have used in my class for the last 8+ years. If you have not seen it before I recommend spending some time having a look around the site and thinking how you can use it during writing sessions.

One of my favourite writing activities in class (that all kids do) is the '6 Sentence Story'. Go to narratives and click on example 1, The Little Fish. We look at the features of a narrative and then I challenge the kids to write a 6 sentence narrative - using The Little Fish as en example. Even my boys can write 6 sentences! Once we have finished we highlight our nouns and then start adding adjectives. Then we add adverbs, metaphors and so in. Soon enough we create a pretty good piece of writing. 

Hopefully you get a chance to check it out and incorporate it into your class some how.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Auto Text Expander

Want to save time? Sick of typing the same thing over and over? Auto TextExpander is the app for you. Create short cuts so you don't have to write the same thing over and over again. Works great in GMail but does not work in Google Docs. A little birdy also told me it works great in Spider - where you write your reports. See video below for a demo and how to use.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Clipboard History

Have you every gone to paste something you have copied only to find you have copied over it? Have you ever wanted to use something that you copied yesterday, last week, last month and can't remember where you copied it from? Clipboard History is the answer for you. Add this extension to your Google Tool Bar to help you save time and not have to search for what you copied again. Watch the video below for a 2 minute tutorial on how to use and where to find.

*You can't see the icon in the video but the icon you are looking for on your tool bar is this -

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Post Template

This video will show you how to create a 'Post Template'. Every time I create a new post in my TAI I always start with 'What? So what? Now what?' and I have to type this is every single time. Now that I have created a post template - yours might be different - it opens a new post for me with this already on. Follow the video tutorial, it will literally take you 2 minutes. Hope this helps.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

How to make a post

Below is a video that will explain how to make a post, add labels, change font etc. Just watch and follow the steps and you will be fine.

How to add a Google Presentation (Slides) to your Blog

The video below will explain to you how to add a Google Presentation (Slides) to your blog. 

How to add a Google Doc to your TAI

This video will explain how to add a Google Doc to your blog. In the video I mention a piece of code you will need. Please find this code below the video.

Code to add (as seen in video)height="800" width="750"