Thursday, 29 June 2017

Writing Fun

Writing Fun is a great interactive website that any year group teacher can use. It has a wide variety of text types, different planners, examples for each text type (showing different levels of writing) and more! It is something I have used in my class for the last 8+ years. If you have not seen it before I recommend spending some time having a look around the site and thinking how you can use it during writing sessions.

One of my favourite writing activities in class (that all kids do) is the '6 Sentence Story'. Go to narratives and click on example 1, The Little Fish. We look at the features of a narrative and then I challenge the kids to write a 6 sentence narrative - using The Little Fish as en example. Even my boys can write 6 sentences! Once we have finished we highlight our nouns and then start adding adjectives. Then we add adverbs, metaphors and so in. Soon enough we create a pretty good piece of writing. 

Hopefully you get a chance to check it out and incorporate it into your class some how.

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