Friday, 28 July 2017

Homophone Worksheets made by Students

Today in class I taught my students how to make 'Self Marking Forms' after getting them to complete the one I shared earlier last week. It was pretty successful and they have done a pretty good job. These will be put on our class site where students will be able to access and complete when they have finished spelling and writing work. I plan to keep adding so there are lots of options for them. These ones are only homophone sheets but hopefully we will get creative and make a whole range over the term. Click on the links to make a copy if you want.


  1. Excellent pages...thank you for sharing...I do a little bit of relieving and these would be ideal for language at my level.

  2. Hello there. I plan to do this with my class too. We are going to do two forms per homophone. The first one will be like yours with multiple choice answers, and the second one will have 'short answer' options where they need to write the answer in themselves. Thanks for the idea.

    Here is a link to the one I have made: