Friday, 21 July 2017

Teacher Help - Writing

I love teaching writing but I get frustrated when so many kids need help and there is only one of me to go round. This term I am going to trial a Teacher Help Form. At the end of writing sessions I will get the kids to complete the form - you can make a copy below. It will ask the following: 

Teacher Assistance 

I will then be able to make a plan of attack for the next day. I am thinking I will be able to catch up with kids who need help if I have any other 'free' time in class. This could be after a reading session, before school, or if I some how manage to find a few free minutes during the day.

Keeping track of this will also help me see what kids are always asking for feedback and help me keep track of who I have seen as in the Google Sheet I will be able to make notes.  Fingers crossed it will make giving feedback in writing easier.

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  1. It is also a challenge that the more able the students are, the more they write meaning the next steps are that more challenging and needing even more time to explain. Am interested in buddy support but have read that at this age they put as many mistakes into each other's work as were there before. The other tricky thing can be some want help all the time and others don't ask for help but can get stuck for some time.