Friday, 14 July 2017

Using Google Forms to Create a Reading Log

Google Forms are great to create digital Reading Logs for your students. What is even better is you can create a Reading Log for each week of the term, or the year, and have all of the data go into one Google Sheet. Each week will be on a separate tab at the bottom of the sheet. Not only does this enable me as a teacher to track the reading habits of my students, but it also gives me evidence of their reading for them and their parents if needed.

Each week I send out the Form for the week using Google Classroom. In previous years I have just had it on my class website for the kids to access.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this... Makes it much easier to track... Am definitely going to try this! Thanks again, Kelley.

  2. Excellent idea.. I will be able to adapt for my Yr 9 &10 English Reading Response log this term. Efficient and flexible to include a range of independent reading tasks. Thanks